Michelle Tyhuis is founder and creative director of The Bullroarer – Connecting Through Culture, a small family business that specialises in professional media, art and design projects for individuals, businesses and services. Michelle is a fully qualified, experienced and accomplished journalist, graphic designer and visual artist, and in 2019 became a self-published author.

The Bullroarer – Connecting Through Culture has most recently worked with clients such as CREATE Foundation, Althea Projects Incorporated and Family Emergency Accommodation Townsville (FEAT) on media, marketing and artistic projects including:

  • Indigenous graphic illustration for publications,
  • Graphic design of fact sheets, brochures and pull up banners,
  • T-shirt design for work teams,
  • Logo and branding for Indigenous consumers/clients,
  • Original and authentic canvas artworks.

The Bullroarer – Connecting Through Culture believes in strong relationships and doing business that is driven by Respect, Purpose and Spirit. As a business we are committed to making a difference through:

  • Sustainability and acting in an environmentally friendly way,
  • Innovation and excellence in our thoughts & endeavours,
  • Doing good for the whole of community, and for country,
  • Empowering those facing barriers or challenges,
  • Celebrating and seeking to inspire strong communities.
Graphic Illustrations by Michelle Tyhuis

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